Welcome to my new website. Hopefully as time passes it will fill out with more info, writing samples, and loglines. I hope you like it. Oh! there may be one or two bugs that need stamping out so if you see them let me know, thanks.

As a first post to launch my small website I thought I’d list the screenwriting and general film podcasts and websites I visit on an almost daily basis (when I’m reading, I have an excuse for not writing). Some are entertainment based, a few are great resources for new screenwriters, and others provide meaty subjects for the film critics and historians amongst you. If anybody is aware of others then feel free to let me know, either through the contact me page, or just leave a comment below.

  • Mark Kermode and Simon Mayo’s Film Podcast
    Broadcast on Radio 5 live. This is roughly 90 mins of wittertainment (their word not mine) consisting of film reviews and interviews. Mark Kermode is a well-respected film journalist and Simon Mayo is one of Britain’s best radio presenters. This is one of the finest film shows in the UK, and Kermode’s occasional rants on films that trouble him are a joy to behold. 
  • The Film Programme
    Broadcast on BBC Radio 4. Francine Stock takes a journalistic look at world cinema. There are interviews with actors, writers and directors, but there are also articles on the state of British cinema, censorship and other more serious film topics.
  • Film Fandango
    From UK’s Absolute Radio comes this podcast presented by Danielle Ward and David Reed, who are often accompanied by a guest. Each week they discuss a new release, while their guests often talk about a film of their choosing. It’s light, in a pub conversation way, but entertaining. 
  • Half in the Bag
    Video podcast from Red Letter Media and can also be found on Blip.tv. Each podcast consists of amusing reviews from the latest releases. I’m not a huge fan of the waffle before they get going, but I enjoy their astute an interesting criticisms.  Check out the review of Lucas’s Red Tails.
Screenwriting Websites:
  • Scripped
    Scripped isn’t just a website about screenplays but is also a screenwriting tool that you can use in your web browser. It’s not dependent on your OS and they have apps for the iphone too. The basic option is free, but there’s a pro version for one-time payment of $89.95, or $9.95 a month. They also run a number of contests throughout the year. 
  • John August
    Screenwriter of films such as Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Big Fish, and Frankenweenie. His site has a lot of information about the screenwriting process, and the management side of it too. 
  • Kung Fu Monkey
    A group of writer contributing on blog posts covering various aspects of production and writing.
  • Amazon Studios
    This is a fairly new idea by Amazon.com who are clearly trying to maneuver into being content developers rather than just distributors. I’m just starting to wade through the legal stuff on their site, so if anybody has any experiences about it I’d be interested to hear them.
  • Scriptwrecked
    Advice and tips on writing for TV and film. 
Film History / Criticism:
  • Observations on Film Art
    Articles by David Bordwell and Kristin Thompson. They’re the authors of the book Film History which is basically required reading in pretty much every film class I’ve ever done. 
  • Shadowplay
    Film essays, often with an emphasis on the classic period of cinema. It’s always informative, and enlightening. And it has often introduced me to films I’ve never heard of, or made me see old movies in a new light.


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